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3 Principles of Distinction



  1. Principle of Admiration: There is an adage that says “men of power are feared, men of riches are envy while men of intelligence are admired. If you admire good grades, get attracted to students who have them and good grade will get attracted to you. What you admire, is what you attract. Choose carefully, who you admire. If you cannot admire their results, then they don’t deserve your admiration. Moreover, it is your friends results that are a picture of your future results that are same with students who have great results Sheet. psychologically. it is your Association That determine your next level in Me and when associate with students who are intelligent, YOU: intelligence will increase and vice versa, In summary making a good grade this semester is dependent to the friends you associate with Or admired, change your friends and result Will change.
  2. Principle of retention: Remember, repetition of your lesson note enhance retention. Obviously, what you repeat often, you will retain. Research had shown, that those who learn with the intention of teaching others retain more than those who learn with the intention to passing exam or to know. The more you teach, the more you hear yourself, the more you understand. Anything can‘t hear you can understand and the better your result. If you know it share it, because you don’t lose knowledge by sharing it. Teachers don’t forget, note this. And anytime you teach someone, you are the one that learn the most.
  3. Principle of Foresight: Research had shown that the sense of sight is the strongest and does not depreciate with time lt sticks. Owing to this fact it is only those things you can see you remember while you understand things you hear.

Dguider Administrator
Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
Dguider Administrator
Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
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