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Brain drainers

How Eating Affects Your IQ



Food is another brain booster which can either make one to become elusive or gifted genius. it is one of the most important thing that must not be look down Upon by anyone, who want to become a very bright student among students. By definition of the word “FOOD”. It is anything or substance we eat, which makes us grow and healthy to thinking clearly and creatively.


AS a well-known fact, “what” and “when” you eat count on your ability to build your IQ, thus read and understand with ease. Besides, your ability to handle complex, academic and non-academic problems is dependent on “when” and ‘what’ you eat. Food is an energy booster of the body, mental chemistry.

Biologically, the brain memory system is one par of the human body, that does not sustain hunger or starvation before falling from its peak level i.e the level at which it can be creative to do anything positive . Besides, the brain is the most important part or human body system, that has the highest response and sensitivity to food stimulus, than any other part of Human biological system.

As a matter of fact, the hardest human work is that done by the Brain This is because, your brain which is the most delicate and sensitive organ of the human body, which makes use of more than 50% of the energy supplied from food substances to the body to think creatively, recall, retain and understand what have been studied. It also contain 65% of water and this is why it is ideal to sip water, during studies to avoid dehydration, burn out and drowsiness which may reduce brain power performances.

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In addition the ability of your brain to know how to take short cuts, in terms of problems solving, to compute and relay series of responses with a split seconds, is dependent on what and when you eat.

As a mater of time and conveniences, it is advisable to eat, when you are hungry and not when you feel like eating. You eat to satisfy hunger, not emotion. And in eating to satisfy hunger, you are indirectly empowering your brain circuitry towards working at its peak level to concentrate, recall at a very fast rate, think clearly and creatively. But in eating to satisfy emotions, you deprive the brain of its functions, to be mentally sharp and alert during studies. And this is one of the reasons, why most students who eat to satisfy emotion (i.e. gluttons) will not do well, in their academic performance to making a good grad Besides the key to knowing what (i… balance dieting and when tl.e the best time) to eat. whether breakfast, lunch or dinner lies in your ability to eat to satisfy hunger not emotion

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Besides studies had admitted to the fact that, eating proteinous food with little or no carbohydrate is best for mental Upliftment and empowerment Protein, which is a body building food nutrient. does not only build the body, but also the brain, by the empowerment and replacement of worn out brain cells and debris, which might cause some memory loss. The misery behind protein food is that, it contains building block called amino acid, which is contain in fish for powering of the brain.

Owing to these facts, vitamin B6 is the best of all the B’s vitamin for the brain to work at its peak. They have the ability, to convert protein and carbohydrates in food into mental energy for creatively. Research had also shown that, those who have problem with thinking creatively, retaining, concentrating in studying and remembering, also have low level of vitamin C, in food or fruits like oranges and mangoes.

Besides, the presence of vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) in diet, can make one to have an “A” in his or her course of studies. Children beverages, chocolate. multivitamins, were also found, to have increased in non-verbal IQ by 10%.


Owing to this fact, it is inexcusable, ignorance and wrongly to conclude that, what and when you eat. does not count in your academic performance and brainpower, particularly balance dieting and timing. If you want to be an academic genius of extra ordina y and excellent recall and retain, thus abilities, there are some food you must run from, if you want to excel academically. They are: Artificial colouring food and drinks colas *Corn syrup *Frostings High sugar drink * Hydrogenated fats *Junk Sugar “‘Nicotine “White bread *Excessive oaffeinated coffee in the mommg *Alcoholic Drinks ”‘Overeating *under eating habits. These foods are also called “Brain drainers”, because they deprived the brain from its functions, by shutting it down untimely. From a psychological and dietics point of view, they can either ruin or reduce the brain performances and your ability to making good grades.


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Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
Dguider Administrator
Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
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