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Under Eating Also Affects The Brain



Under eating Habit: This is the eating below the body requirement. It is a form of eating habit called starving which can negatively affect the brain performance also. It can also increase the activities of the brain to some extent, only when it is channeled to satisfy emotion, particularly in the early hours of the day. But when prolonged, it can overstress and deprived the brain of its functions, from working at its peak level, thus creating room for lack of concentration, inability to recall, retain, feeling irritable, inability to learn at a fast rate and behave well. In fact, learning in this mood or state is like using a cordless power tool, without recharging the battery. And those who practice this method of eating habit are likely to be inattentive in class, sluggish, making lower or poor grades, having difficulties in thinking clearly and creatively and in solving complex academic and non-academic problems. Besides, science had also shown that, this class of people can never do well academically. And as a matter well known fact that, the activities of the brain will over increase in a disorderly manner, while that of the stomach will decrease, to deter your brain power. In summary, this

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habit of eating is capable of increasing, the activities of the mental chemistry above normal and reduce the body chemistry. thus making the individual to have sadly but poor grades in a simple examination test.


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