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Let’s talk about Effects of Wrong Association on your IQ



“Eighty percent of life satisfaction comes from meaningful relationship” Brain Tracy. Before we proceed, I would like to ask you these following questions; Are you the type of person that; *Is not always inspired and motivated before or during studies? *Are you finding studies boring and frustrating? ‘are you satisfied with your results? * Do you hardly memorised or recall properly. If these answers are YES. Then check the caliber of people or environment books) you associate with. It is your association, that determines your acceleration (speed) and how far you will go in life academically or otherwise. According to Longman Contemporary English Dictionary, “Association” is simply an organization, that consists of a group of people, who have the same aims to doing the same kind of work. It is also a mental connection of ideas. In other words, the type of friends and books you associate yourself and mind with, matters a lot, in building or destroying your academic performance to making good grads.


And if you see yourself talking two steps forward and five steps backward, check the caliber of friends you are moving with or versed knowledge of book you have read. Palmist said “The companion of fools will suffer harm, but they that work with the wise shall be wise also”.

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Obviously, you don’t need prophets of doom and gloom to succeed academically or in life, but men who will engineer and sky rocket you into success. You need men in your academics, who are positive in their thinking and dealings, knowledgeable, mentally creative, intelligent, successful and experience focus minded, besides, people who will INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE you in making good grades in your studies.

In moving with such people, you become gifted, inspired and motivated to become a genius of extra ordinary abilities.

As a matter of fact, studies had shown that, spending considerable time with these individuals, who inspires and motivate you, your thinking faculty for creativity is been stimulated, vision restored and your capacity for daydreaming and brainstorming, will be stretched for the better, thus, “synergy” which is the technical addition of energy, that is produced by two persons combining their mental energy, and ideas will eventually come into play by virtue of using the. power of Association in your studies.


‘Synergy” can also occur when two people of like minds work together to achieving more than they could had on their own. Therefore try to find someone in the same program or department who share similar goal’s with you to boost your morals and brainpower. It is a profound way to increasing, your chances of making A’s as a student, by creating a study relationship with this person. Obviously this will allows you to gain or achieve, much more than you could, all by yourself, thus supporting and challenging each other to meet a common goal, gaining incredible momentum and note worthy results of excellence, than those who study alone. if the relationship is good, fit and dim and you share similar academic goals besides, you will experience a magical synergy and will accomplish much more in less time. Make it a hablt, to continue working with these friends of yours, that are positive knowledgeable. intelligent, creative, success and experience and focus minded, and you will soon have someone to rely on, particularly when you miss a class, don’t understand an assignment and when you need help with a question. Best of all, you will have someone to test your lQ or knowledge before exam. Scientifically, research had revealed that. the brain has the ability to take short-cut, whenever it come across complex academic problems by computing and relaying series of responses in split seconds. by using the power of association.


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Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
Dguider Administrator
Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
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