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Brain drainers




Science and statistics had revealed that, you can never become an academic, genius by virtue of been an alcoholic, as a student, be it in small or in large quantity. If you are among those who are fun of talkin alcoholic drinks, consider this, that in every alcoholic in take, Millions of brain or memory cells (or neurons are been destroyed and cannot be replaced, thus affecting memory and other cognitive function which are responsible for improving of your IQs a other brainpower for concentration and Sharp understanding.


Research had also shown that alcohol, when taken the first part of the body that receives the harmful signal is the brain memory system of sight also called the sense of sight. It is the only sense that occupies the largest part of the memory system (brain). It has the hi hest hoto ra hic and stron est memorizin power. than any other senses or brain (or memory) part and does not diminish with age, but can be greatly affected by alcohol negatively.

Biologically, studies had admitted to the fact that, the body chemistry has the ability to convert ethanol into harmless substances, but this does not accomplished immediately. If alcohol is consumed at a faster rate, than the body can handle, ethanol will build up in the system and begins to interfere noticeable with the activities of the brain circuitry towards your making of good grades and to think creatively and shapely.

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Apparently, speech, vision, coordination, thought and behaviour are all connected with an incredibly complex series of chemical reactions to the brain, hence the presence of ethanol modifies these reactions, suppressing and enhancing the role of certain neuron transmitters chemicals that relay signals from neurons to neurons. The stream of information in the brain is thus altered, preventing the brain from functioning normally. That is why, when a person drink too much, he or she develop blurred speech, vision, sluggish movement, and weakened behavioural all common symptoms of intoxication. You may wonder or ask this question, why is it that some people you know, who take in alcohol still do Well in class? The truth is that, they are addicted to it. Addiction in this sense, is cause by the prolonged exposure to alcohol. But when the brain chemistry adapts to counter these poisonous effect of ethanol and to maintain normal nerve function, this can lead to ‘tolerance’. A situation whereby the same amount of alcohol, has less or no effect than it would have done previously. ‘Dependence’ is said to occur, when the brain has adapted so much to the presence of alcohol, than it can’t operate properly without it. Consequently the brain chemistry is totally destabilized, and “withdrawal symptom” such as anxiety, trembling or even seizures set in, with time.

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Moreover, when we talk about alcohol _ dependence, it means the loss of self-control to abstain from drinking too much. But in the life of many student alcohol intake is caused by:

* Genetic factor *Environment factor i.e *Emotional difficulties *Depression *Aggression *Thrill seeking *Poor parenting, etc.

As a student who wants to take his or her academic world by storm, this should not be a yardstick of Been alcoholic in your youthful age. For there is an English adage that says “Manner maketh a man”. And your ability to handle any situation without making use of alcohol, makes you a genius of extra ordinary and excellent recall ability. Whether your family background or the environment you find yourself,

been alcoholic can truncate your destiny. Life is a matter of choice, and your decision today whether to be alcoholic or not, will determine how far you will go in life academically.


Always, have it in your mind that life is in the future not in alcohol. Remember, you have a personality to protect and a reputation to build.


Student who does not want his or her ship of academic success and mental creativity to sink faster than Titanic, the best prevention is ‘abstinence’. Abstinence, in this sense, is having nothing to do with anything, that is alcoholic in nature be it moderate or not. And this is the secret of all A+ students striving for academic eXcellence. Finally, this can be done best by using your will power, besides, having an optimistic view of the advantages of not taking it.


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Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
Dguider Administrator
Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
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