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According to the ‘Longman contemporary English Dictionary’ “Alcohol” is any kind of drinks ‘(such as alcoholic beer or wine) which contain a substance, that can make one drunk. Besides, an alcoholic is someone, who regularly drinks too much alcohol and has difficulty in stopping, while alcoholism is the medical condition of being an alcoholic. However, a lot of students have ruined their academic life, as a result of being alcoholic and even jeopardized their future. As a matter of fact, alcohol is one liquid substances, that contain, the least poisonous substance alcohol called “ethanol”, which is known . for its intoxicating effect, and it is capable of making one to be drunk. And to be drunk, is simply losing control of oneself, whether in speeches or in behaviour (or in coordination).


Alcohol intake, had never and will never put an end to any man’s problem. Instead it will compound it. So if you are among those, who take alcohol for liberation of academic stress or problems, consider yourself that, there is an adage that says, “He who consider alcohol as liberating will as well consider death at this ultimate freedom. Secondly, if you are among those who take alcohol to gain confidence, courage, and boldness name it, particularly when faced with complex academic problems. Have it back of your mind that, there is no nroblems free life. A problem free life, is a fi-ment of ima-ination and a mira-e in the desert. lnfact there is no mountain, anywhere but your ignorance. Moreover, you cannot reap what you didn’t sow, while those who take it for pleasure and belonging sake, should have this in their psyche, that science had shown that, alcohol intake, reduces the ability of various brain cells involved in memory, to do their job properly. Alcohol intake can reduce the brainpower to think creatively and to brainstorm, properly hence hindering it from operating at its peak condition. And the brain peak condition or level, is the state at which the brain can do anything faster and better such as creative thinking, concentrate, retain and comprehend easily

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Obviously, this is the reason why those who take it Never do well academically.

Besides. low dosage of alcohol can reduce the IQ any individual, particular students who wants to be, a academic genius in his or her field of studies.

High dose of alcohol have a profound negativ effect to the brain and body chemistry. Neurologicall It does this by weakening and destrOying memor cells, which are responsible for mental sharpness an alertness.


High does of alcohol can also, lead to altering of th brain structure or size, hence causing depression aggressive behaviour and even nervous breakdown But when abuse extremely, it can lead to coma and a well as death. Obviously, this is another reason wh those, particularly students, who take alcohol whethe in small or large quantity, read and. don’t understand

what they have been taught in class and in their field of studies.


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Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
Dguider Administrator
Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
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