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The abused and misused of sexual emotion or desire by young stars is another impediment that can reduced, the brain power of any one, who wants-to become an academic genius in his or her generation.


particularly those of this dispensation of modernization and civilizations. lnstinctively, sex desire is the greatest and most powerful of all human desires, besides, is the only human emotion that has . the hiohest irresistible force in man and when driven or stimulated, can drive a man to become gifted with extra ordinary abilities, to increasing his brain power for creativity, if not abused.

Obviously, studies had also shown that, sex energy is the creative force of all genius, only when it is directed and channeled to the right direction i.e when harnessed and transformed for creativity. The power of your brain, to recall what you have learnt, concentrate in solving complex academic problems, mentally alert and sharp is dependent on how you handle your emotion of sex before marriage. Neurologically, the emotion of sex has the highest stimulating influence of all human emotion to the brain, it stands as the head of the list of human emotions, as far as intensity and driving force to do exploit, thus in making the best results in your class in consign.

As a well-known fact, the emotion of sex has the power to transform, the mediocrity in any individual into genius, only when harnessed and student or transformed ,but not abused by premarital sex.

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Historically, there is no great scientist, artist, leader, academician name them, that was not inspire and motivated, by the driving force of sex to break records, where others breakdown. Men like George Washington Napoleon Bonaparte, William Shakespeare and Abraham Lincoln name them, Moreover, a man’s greatest motivating force, is the desire to please a woman. And one who accumulate large fortunes, and had attained great heights of power and fame, do so mainly to satisfy their desire, to please a woman. Take a woman out of their lives and great wealth would be useless, to most men. It is this inherent desire of a man, to please a woman, ,which gives him the power to make or break him. Any man who does not recognize this important truth, deprives himself of this power, which has done more good than harm, to helping a man achieve success more than all forces combined. Consequently, if the emotion of sex is abuse before marriage, the student or individual mentally loses, his or her Sense of duty, direction, brainpower to think and ability to handle complex academic problems with ease and time. Biologically, studies have shown that, the brain has a direct link and control to the human sex organ. And any illicit sex activity or abuse of sex desire a man undergo, particularly at his youthful age before marriage, there ‘ is always a reduction in the number of neurons or brain (memory) cells which constitute genius, from the man to the woman as a wastes product, but if they are married, a genius is formed or born by both parents, as offspring. And this is one of the reasons ,Why many young and unmarried people who abuse sex or are fun of illicit sex, never do well academically.


Remember. the strongest part of the brain, also control sex drive so don’t abuse it, if you want to succeed academically and the brain to work at its best.

In addition, the extent or height any man can go, concentrate, recall. mentally sound and be able to use his or her brain power effectively besides, for 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration is dependent, on his or her ability to harnessed (or manage) his or her sexuality or sexual drive positively be marriage. As a student who want to become an academic celebrity, your youthful age is also called the “plastic stage” of your life. It is that stage of life, in which any man, can easily become a genius with ease. But the truth is that, at this state of life; the rate of abuse of this great force of sex drive, is the highest. But if it is harnessed by avoiding pre-marital sex, it will make you an elusive genius of a high IQ like that is Albert Einstein, the great (a man with the highest IQ ever recorded in the nineteen century). But in the absence of this driving force of sex, men become domiciled and inactive in making good use of their brain power of creative imagination or brain power to be mentally sharp and alert academically. Don’t be deceive, by those who said, you can’t do without satisfying your sex urge or illicit sex as a youth. The truth is that, you can do without getting yourself abuse sexually, for anything that is good is possible to achieve it. You can scare through by using your will power to concentrate and be optimistic by seeing the advantages of abstaining from it. secondly you can also harness your sex energy, by guiding your association and the books you read. ZIP – UP


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Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
Dguider Administrator
Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
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