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Despite it has been written, on the pack and it has been announced repeatedly on air, newspapers, name it that, tobacco smoking is dangerous to health and smokers are liable to die young. Many are still living their lives on it, particularly students. Statistically, tobacco is one thing, that have ruined the academic lives of millions of college students. It is a harmful substance when inhale, can deprives one from becoming an academic genius of extraordinary ability.


And if you are the type of student who is fond of taken cigarettes in order to be serious and hard facially as those who take it claimed. Have this registered in your psyche, that you will never be good academically but be worse arid confused. Besides, your problems will be compounded and your situation turning from hardness to madness. Moreover, no man has ever made it academically, by virtue of taking tobacco hence there is an adage that says, “he that will consider smoking as liberating will as well consider death as the ultimate freedom.”

Don’t be deceive, by those who says tobacco smoking helps in gaining control over any situation, be it academic or not. It is not a fact, but a false argument or fallacy to suiting their failures and ignorance. And as a student, who is still struggling to leave mediocrity academically, thus finding it difficult to read and understand complex academic problem, consider yourself as either a cigarette (or tobacco) smoker or a second hand smoker. A secondhand smoker is one, who does not smoke but inhale or stay with those who smoke in their environment.


As a matter of fact, studies had admitted that, second hand smokers, are bound to have recall and memory problems with time.

Neurologically studies had shown that, cigarette. smoking impairs memory by constricting arteries thus reducing blood flow to the brain. It impaired the memory system of the brain, by denying and depriving it, of its function and ability to concentrate, comprehend, think creatively and recall excellently at ease. It can also deprived the brain, to working at its peak level by reducing the amount of available oxygen flowing to the brain. Besides, some of these harmful and complex chemicals tend to have negative effect or damage on the memory cells or neurons of the brain. Memory cells or neutrons are cells, that constitute the brainpower. They are responsible for coordination of your thinking mentality and creativity of the individual. They are millions in numbers, that constitutes talent, and how far you can go academically. Remember, whenever they are damage or destroy by any of these harmful chemicals, they can never be replaced. And this is one of the reasons why those who can’t do with tobacco such as second hand smokers and those who are addicted to it, can not be an academic genius of extraordinary abilities. It will be foolish for any tobacco smoker or secondhand smoker to conclude that after years of smoking, quitting will do him or her no good, or harm, let him or her taste and see the effect. Mind you, the effect is ‘irreversibly’ and pronounced.

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Psychologically, tobacco smoking is also found to affect emotion negatively when inhaled. It can create bad feelings in you, such as aggression; depression etc, that can interfere with your thinking mentality and academic performance (or success). Besides, it can also hinder you from making use of your subconscious mind in thinking creatively, thus reducing your mental sharpness and alertness. Carbon monoxide inhalation is one reason why those in the motor park, are always aggressive and mentally retarded.

Biologically, it has also been discovered that cigarette or tobacco smoking can affect the body chemistry, by depriving the hemoglobin of the blood from oxygen intake. This can even lead to coma or death, if not controlled. It is also believed that, some of the people, who are chain tobacco smokers agreed to the fact that, after inhalation they feel energetic and strengthened to work faster, be it academic or not. The truth is that, they are addicted to tobacco smoking and their bodies systems, have develop tolerance to it. But when this people have been deprived of tobacco smoking, they feel mentally retarded and emotionally disturb, thus crazy. And at this state of mind, they can never think creatively, concentrate, comprehend and recall what they have learnt in school.

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Cigarette smoking is found to have negative feedback on our health, it can also lead to mouth cancer by destroying the cells of the mouth hence affecting your senses and the part of the brain, that controls them. Research had also shown that the negative feedback is hazardous to your creative thinking abilities. Historically, men like Bill Gate, Albert Einstein, lsaac Newton, and Thomas A Edison name them, were not tobacco or cigarette smokers, thus were able to lead their generation academically, make great inventions and impart with ease than their fellow counterpart who do smoke.


In summary, if you want your results, to leaves the level it was to higher one and want to be on academic celebrity in your field of studies you must abstain from cigarette or tobacco somking by using your willpower.


Dguider Administrator
Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
Dguider Administrator
Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.


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