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Memory Techniques




These are methods applied in memorizing and learning new words with ease. These techniques, can help you to Overcome all academic work; for instance, by allowing you to recall valuable information at board meeting besides these techniques have countless application and they are:


1. Review, Revise, Repeat

It is strongest key to memorizing words effectively. Review until words moves from the periphery of your mind to your list of active vocabulary and thus will help you retain them in long-term memory. Studies had shown that, children retain 70% of what they see as opposed to 20% of what they hear. Always repeat your academic work, if you want to be an A+ student. Remember studies had shown that, any note you fail to review and revise between 14 hours after lecture that same day collected, you stand chances to loose 20% of memory power towards it. Besides, until you revise or review that same day of your lectures, you can’t retain, on the long term memory.

2. Visualization

Memory comes from five senses; vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Of these, the strongest is vision. Studies had admitted to the fact, that children retain 19% of words they read, understand 20% of words they hear recall words or, but 70% of what they see. 80 use the sense of sight, if you want to be a genius, by creating visual images of words, phrases and names to increase your mental capacity to be photographic. You can improve your memory photographic power of sight, by writing your name on a rotating object and trying to see it, in a static order. Train your sense of sight today to be photographic. Beside, all you are going to write in the exams, 70% of those information -or answers will come from your sense of sight.


3. Association

When you associate your self with those who are intelligent more than you in your class, your intelligence will increase, for the better. As a matter of

fact, you can’t grow above the companies you keep. So it’s also applicable to when you associate with mediocre. Learn to choose your association rightly; if you want your academic performance to improve for the better.

Obviously, 60% of your academic performances is dependent on the people you move and live with. This also involves using words or phrase to associate with things, that are real or meaningful. By so doing you recall and brainstorm better.

4. Classification

Words can also be memorized according to the class they fall in. Prefixes, suffixes and Roots: Since prefixes, suffixes and roots hold the keys to thousands of words, memorize as many of them as possible. One prefix might hold the key to one hundred words.For example, ma] means “bad”. Thus we can guess the meaning of malabsorption, maladapted, maladjusted, malpractice and maltreatment.

5. Concentrate Yourself.

You ‘must concentrate to memorize words or numbers; but concentration is not the new words process of world memorization; perhaps I should add the word command. When you direct the brain to ‘do a task, it releases powerful chemicals in the direction requested. These chemicals are so powerful, that if 100 people with major medical depression documented by a medical PET scan are given a placebo, 33% will respond and their PET scan; often ‘ return to normal. They respond to the power of strong direction. Though when they receive a placebo, they direct their brain towards recovery. Likewise, when you concentrate and then, tell your brain to memorize something, potent chemicals are released to aid in the memorization. In summary these tips contribute to what we call neuro . lasitici , the brain’s ability to form new neural connections in respond to new situations

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is either you born with a short memory or long-term memory. The word genius is the derived from root word ‘gen’:this is unit of heredity responsible, for the transfer of trait from parent to offspring. There are two kind of genius, (i) gifted (Isaac Newton) genius (ii) elusive (Albert Einstein) genius. Remember, you don’t lose anything when you study to teach others, instead you know it better.

8. Exercise Regularly

Until you embark on static, flexible and aerobic exercise; you can’t achieve complete success academically. Exercise improve the brain power to concentrate, memorize, retain and recall better. And it is possible to recall all you have been taught 20 years ago and remove brain block or mental retardation only through flexible exercise. Moreover, until you are flexible, you can’t be intelligent mentally, to take shortcut during solving complex academic problems. Secondly until you embark on static exercise, you won’t be able to control our mind, to concentrate to solving problems and studying effectively. Lastly, until you embark on daily morning aerobic (i.e taking in of oxygen) exercise your brain cannot be empowered to think creatively and shapely. Exercise gives you an edge, over others in classroom test. Scripturally, bodily exercises profit little. If it profit little than it count, exercise today to avoid nervous breakdown and to , make good grades.

9. Use the Scripture


For the fact the scripture stated that, “the entrance of the word of God giveth light and understanding to the simple,” never you take it for granted or you will be grounded academically, Obviously, there are no genius or scientist on earth, who ever amount to something important, without applying the scriptures in studies and there are no discovering ever invented, without the knowledge and foundation of the scripture or knowledge of God. Studies had shown, that meditating on the scripture for few minutes before studying your text books or facing your academics, produces the highest and strongest, genius brain power, understanding, recall ability, memorization name it, than any other books. This is because it, is the most inspiring and motivating book on earth, which is full of realities, truth, light, understating. Use it, pray over it, believing it and it will work for you. It can also turn a short to long term memory raises your CGPA and Intelligent Quotient lQ .

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IQ: GCGPA x 100


ln summary,1 if the scripture could work for people like Bill Gate, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Rev. Faraday name them, it can work for you through learning ,memorization and meditation of new words from the scriptures. Give your life to Christ and mediate on the part of the scriptures that, talk about stories and you will retain better.

10. Use Your Night

Whether you believe it or not, the forces that governs the night, is greater than, that of the day. Biologically, as a student who want to be intelligent,


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Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
Dguider Administrator
Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
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