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have you made inquiries of the misery behind the “Word” accumulation or vocabulary building (i.e the power of speech) to your IQ? The truth is that, it is the amount of words you have accumulated through wide or extensive reading or educations, that determine how efficient your brainpower would be thus, when handling non-academic and academic problems. And as a matter of fact, the average adult probably has the vocabulary of thirty to sixty thousand words while the highly literate may extend to 100,000 words. Yet the English language, has well over one million words. Besides career success has been found to be dependent or correlate with the number of words, one knows. In other words, your IQ rating and grading through test scores, which are in form of A B C D E F, is based on the amount of words you have accumulated and memorized off hand. That is, the student who got an, ‘A’ in a test score, has a large amount of words up stairs more than those who got ‘B’s or a ‘C’s. Obviously you can increase your IQ through learning and memorizing of new words during studies. Consequently by so doing the number of connections in the brain and the number of cells themselves will also increase. Historically in the 19305. John O’Connor’s famous research at the human engineering laboratory of Boston, on a one hundred young men studying to be executives. revealed that, out of those who tested in the upper 10%, all had executive positions 5 years later, yet none of those testing in lower 25% did. Many other tests since ‘Connor had confirmed, that there is correlation between career success or ones ability to make ‘As and vocabulary knowledge. For example, chief executive officers are consistently found to have higher vocabulary knowledge, more than any other group, even doctors and lawyers.


l have always loved words, even in high school; I enjoyed the study of new words. The logic is that we think in words; words are the tools of thoughts. With words we express our beliefs, encourage others to act upon our beliefs, and other judge us, by how we use words. Most standardized tests rely upon words identification in synonyms, antonyms and analogies.

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Different environments, people and even opportunities to add up for our beliefs and values, all call for our ability to use words in a manner understandable to the subculture we are addressing. The rioht words, allow us‘to connect with the right people. Words are our showcase to the world. With words, we create the perception we want to present. Theologically, the world was created by spoken words and the moon and heavenly bodies, are at their stationary position, without anything holding them by words. And the extent, in which your academic life can succeed in the mix of failures, is dependent on the amount of new words you have accumulated and memorized from extensive and versed reading of good book, which are motivational, inspirational, educative and informative. And by so doing you increase the number of synapses in your brain, in IQ test scores and communication skills. Besides, your ability to think creatively, concentrate brainstorm, memorize, recall excellently and to be mentally sharp and alert is dependent on the power of new words or vocabulary knowledge acquired from versed or wide education.

In addition, the power of new words can’t be over emphasized or over stressed. Historically, Abraham Lincoln of America is one legend of old, who later became a genius of remarkable difference ,by virtue of the power of new words from good inspirational and motivational books, which he had read, In 1821, Lincoln at the tender age of 12, He began to borrow good inspirational and motivational books from neighbours to read books such as Aesop’s fable, Arabian nights, Robinson Crusoe, Life of Washington (i.e the biography of the first president of America) by Parson Mason Weems, and as he read through to come across new and difficult words or sentences, he would not simply pass it over, as many of us may tend to do, but would have it, explained by his teachers or from the dictionary. This effort obviously increases his mental powers in making brilliant speeches and in thinking creatively and this led him to the creation of his rugged and dogged determination, to affect his world positively. He was not only reading books, that are inline with his field of studies, but outside i.e extensively. No wonder, no sufficient descriptions could be attributed to him been the 16th presidents of America. who rose from “zero to hero” by virtue of the power of words memorization and learning of new words. was ranked, the greatest American President ever lived to who steered America into victory, during American civil war by eradicating slavery.

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As a student, who is tired of being a mediocre, you can still rise, from your weakness to strength in your academic performance, if only you will appreciate the power of words memorization or learning new words through extensive and verse reading. Don’t let the number words classifications such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, foreign, words, similar words, prefixes, suffixes, word roots and words from specific fields of cultural literacy, Christianity, English, Literature, art, music, biology, neurology and physics, intimidate you. Begin with one assignment at a time and you will be on your way to increasing your mental capacity and to be the best in your class.

Winston Churchill, was the last in his class at the age of 12, but was able to develop his brainpower to a remarkable difference in English language and with a matchless command of words, which led him to become one of the greatest orators of his time. And in 1953, Churchill was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, for his mastery of historical, biographical presentation and his brilliant oratory.


Churchill, because of his constant practices of power of new words memorization, he was able to graduate from Royal Military College 1895. And in 1940, he become the prime minister of great Britain, with a matchless command of new words and from his vast array of vocabulary, and with lucidity and majestic style, he was able to stir the souls of many, by rallying England in a desperate hour during world war II with inspirational and motivational words. Churchill’s life also gave, great credence to the concept of neuroplacticity (i.e the brain can change in size, develop and can be preserved by new words memorization).

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Adolph Hitler (1889-1945), who was one of the world greatest and master orator, besides a sycophant, and destructive and evil genius, Nazi leader and Prototypical dictator. The greatest threat, to 20th century global peace. The man, who practically redefined evil. A destructive genius and mass murderer. Such description could be used to describe and identify his charisma. Austrian born demagogue, who rose to power in Germany during the 19205 and early 19305, at a time of social, political and economic upheaval. Failing to take power by force in 1923, he had eventually won power by democratic means, through learning of new words and vocabulary building. He was able to use words, accumulated from various fields of studies to increase his memory power, vocabulary, mental creatively to building the second biggest ship in the world named “Bismark” an automatic killing machine after Titanic and was able to rise from zero to hero. If he can succeed in a negative way, you can also succeed academically in the positive way, by using the learning and memorization of new words, through higher education and extensive reading.


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Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
Dguider Administrator
Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
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