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Brain Improvement For Seniors



Memory impairment with aging is a fact of life for many of us. Often we see it happening in our seniors, even though it happens to us too. Researchers signaling that the brain function decline of aging can begin when we’re only age 45 and that by age 80 normal people have lost 40% of their memory. How many of us have asked ourself why we came into a room and only for what we were looking whenever we did? How often times have we misplaced our car keys or forgotten someones name? Have you ever looked everywhere for your reading glasses to finally find them next to the sink or on your head? As our seniors get older, they have a tendency to have more difficulty remembering or completing other mental tasks and report mental interruptions or forgetfulness occurring more often.

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Nevertheless, there are ways we may help many of them to keep their memory and head more easily in their golden years. Boosting Seniors Memory – Help them get sufficient sleep. 7-8 hours of sleep each night is fantastic for many. Look for obstacles that your senior can have to getting a good night’s sleep and try to overcome them. Do they need a brand new mattresses, is there light or sound coming from somewhere disturbing them, are they drinking caffeine or eating snacks too close to bedtime, do they need to use the toilet frequently or have they napped too much throughout the day? These are a few ideas to think about which might be disrupting a seniors sleep and are easily fixed.


Motivate them to eat well. Not only eating a well balance diet which includes fruits, veggies, whole grains and low fat foods, but additionally including some foods that stimulate brain health like omega 3 fats from fish or fish oil supplements, anti-oxidants in berry and brightly coloured produce including tart cherries, drinking green tea and adding foods containing resveratrol like grapes and cranberry juice. Avoiding excessive calorie consumption as your senior ages not only keeps their weight in check, but will assist their memory. Find ways to help keep your senior active throughout the day like walking, yoga, tai chi, along with other favorites to keep the body moving and ready for sleep.


Exercising your seniors body will exercise their brain. Provide mentally stimulating activities like brain physical fitness games, crossword puzzles, sudoku, Wii video games, reading, sing and playing cards. Laugh loud, deeply and frequently! – Engage them in social activities. Attend cultural and music events, senior centers, support groups, volunteer opportunities, or church sponsored activities. Being active in the community will keep their brains sharp! – Seek out the advice of your senior doctor. There might be medications or uncontrolled chronic diseases negatively affect their memory that may be corrected. Drink lots of fluid.

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Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
Dguider Administrator
Simple and always Ready to help if it matters to you then it also matters me.
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